Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"Political Correctness gone mad!" alert #346: "Pupils banned from playing tag"

Finding no stimulation from my normal haunts, I am reverting to my second childhood and finding inspiration from BBC Newsround again. Eureka! Something to blog about: "Pupils banned from playing tag"

It seems that journalists are hanging around trying to turn up every possible little story about rule changes in schools. Last week it was about Mothers' Day cards. This week it is playing tag. (I see that the Daily Mail pounced on it some time ago - "Here we go again! Political Correctness gone mad. - Lorraine, Middlesex").

This is one primary school out of 17,504 in England. The Headteacher was seeing a lot of bumped head injuries in children there, so decided to act.

Surely it is nothing new for individual headteachers to modify rules in their school? It has always happened. It really does seem ridiculous that such things in one individual school make the national headlines.

I feel very sorry for the teachers involved.

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