Thursday, February 22, 2007

Times front page: "Why do women leave lavatory seats in the 'down' position?"

I really never thought I would live to see the day when The Times actually prints such a question on its front page.

Furthermore, Matthew Parris continues in the same vein in his article inside (the front page question is a trailer for that article):

Why do women leave lavatory seats in the “down” position? I am getting increasingly fed up with this inconsiderate behaviour. Hygiene and common sense dictate that “up” should be the default option and everyone should leave the seat lifted, to keep it unsplashed next time. Public toilets should have sprung seats, returning automatically to up.

There are some colourful comments below the Parris article. Bruce Tucker of Cambridge comments:

Matthew Parris wants the seat left up. I like the lid left down for hygeine reasons to prevent spray. My Wife wants the seat left down for convenience. My Grandaughter needs the seat left down for speed. My Grandsons need the seat left up for speed. Please advise.

I realise the eccentric irony in the article, bearing in mind Parris' elevation nowadays to FNTS (Full National Treasure Status - I well remember his article saying that people should be encouraged to eat out-of-date food).

But to find such a question on the front page of The Times is remarkable. Do they not want any women to read their paper anymore? It is a question asked only once by a male in female company - once bitten twice shy. Such a question could only be asked by someone who has not experienced....ahem....the remarkable and fulfilling voyage of compromise which is long-term domestic partnership with a woman.


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