Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Young blonde "Prospective Tory MP" on TV's Castaway

Clare Hilley is described by the BBC as a "Wannabe Tory MP" and "Prospective Tory MP" and is one of the contestants on the new TV reality show "Castaway".

As the alleged "youngest candidate in the country" she received 1489 votes at the election in Upper Norwood ward of Croydon Borough Council last year, coming fifth in a three member contest. Here is her blog. Her profile reads:

I joined Conservative Future when I was 15 years old and during this time have been elected to branch, area and national positions within the organisation; Chair of Lancaster CF, Area Chair for Lancashire, National Management Executive. After standing twice as a Council candidate for Lancashire and Croydon I am now the Area Chair of London South and the Chair of my local Croydon CF branch. I talk to 16-18 year olds for the think-tank Civitas on the right wing perspective of Europe and also how they can make a political difference at a young age.

In the BBC blurb it says:

(Clare) sees herself as a natural leader and a good communicator and admits to being hugely opinionated on issues like world poverty, the injustice pensioners face in the UK and political apathy.Highly competitive, Clare admits that she can be confident to the point of arrogance, and sometimes finds it hard to be diplomatic. She likes to be around fun and energetic people and admires courage in others. She dislikes attention seekers; people who are two-faced and those who are "uneducated and narrow-minded in their views".

Ah! Congratulations to the profilers who chose her. I think we can expect Clare to be at the centre of a few fireworks. ...Not too sure how this is likely to help her political career. She will be on the island for three months. Shouldn't she be doing some campaigning somewhere in the next two months, if she is serious about politics, rather than potentially ruining her career before it has started?

Why is it always "wannabe Tory" candidates who do all these smart-alec theatrics? It never seems to be wannabe candidates from other parties.

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