Thursday, March 15, 2007

Selfridges sin bins with DNA extraction thrown in

I have scanned the Home Office document Modernising Police Powers which reviews the Police and Criminal Evidence Act.

I must say that I couldn't find anything to measure up to the salacious report in the Guardian this morning.

The Home Office official report talks about Short Term Holding Facilities. The Guardian either spins this (or had it spun to them) into a tale of perspex fronted "sin bins" in places like Selfridges where people would be held for about four hours. The cells would be "visible" and DNA, fingerprints etc would be taken while the people are held.

Why don't they just bring back the stocks and be done with it?

The government's answer to full jails seems to be "build more jails".


  1. That's a truly scary proposition.

    Even scarier is I can see many politicians and newspapers and people approving of it...

  2. Delighted to agree with you on this one, Tristan