Sunday, March 11, 2007


We took our daughter and her friend to see Spamalot yesterday as a birthday treat. We all enjoyed it hugely, especially as we were so "up in the gods" that we needed oxygen. I have always been a great fan of Python, since the early TV days, but I have been pleasantly surprised how their humour seems to surpass the generations.

I felt a little uncomfortable when they played the song 'You won't succeed in Broadway if you don't have any Jews" but was comforted by the facts that the director, Mike Nichols, is a Jew, and the song ended with a madcap pastiche of a Jewish dance and the lowering of a huge, glittering star of David which put the thing beyond the risk of malevolence.

All in all, Spamalot is a wonderful piece of entertainment which is well worth seeing.

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