Saturday, March 10, 2007

Tory girl clashes with Mr Anarchist on Castaway

I predicted that Tory girl, Clare Hilley, would be at the centre of some fireworks on BBC1's Castaway, and, no sooner had she dried off from the swim ashore than did the said fireworks erupt around her.

Jonathan (unemployed, of no fixed abode) and Tory girl were at daggers' drawn almost immediately.

Jonathan calls himself an Anarchist. A more accurate description would be "pain in the neck". He must be the only anarchist who is also a control freak.

Anyway it all kicked off between Tory girl and Mr Anarchist - they were arguing day and night - literally.

However, the arrival of the second set of Castaways changed the dynamics. Now Tory girl and Mr Anarchist are bosom buddies!

It's a shame, really.

I had to stop myself turning into a retired Colonel when I heard the list of contestants and what they did (eg. Unpublished fantasy writer). I felt the words: "Not one of them have got a proper job"...but stopped myself in the nick of time.

PS Danny Wallace is an inspired choice of presenter for this stuff. I am a great fan of his.

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