Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Monbiot regrets Tory conference appearance

I have now got round to watching Channel 4 Dispatches "Toff at the Top" about David Cameron by Peter Hitchens.

The first thing which hit me was, of course, Peter Hitchens. A remarkable man. I sometimes think he lives on a different planet than the rest of us. But, give him his due, he produced an interesting programme. He was persistent and searching with his questioning. The rather pompous delivery can be put to one side.

It was remarkable to see Mr Hitchens donning the Bullingdon Club dinner garb. Cost: £3,000 for a teenaged student!

We then had the spectacle of Michael Gove spinning like mad: Oh no, David Cameron didn't write the 2005 Tory manifesto. He was a mere typist on the project. Oh no, Eton isn't elite, it's good that parents invest money in their children. Hilarious.

But the highlight of the programme was George Monbiot. You may recall that Mr Monbiot was wheeled onto the last Tory conference to give come green credibility. He recalls the experience as "dismal". He was speaking but he said the audience could have been the inhabitants of "catacombs". Dead.

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