Thursday, March 22, 2007

Budget light relief: Brown makes Cameron look a prat

With everyone on a income under £15,000 having their tax doubled, yesterday was a very dark day. I am still boiling at this. Brown deserves his come-uppance for this treachery towards the poor. Well done to David "Two brains" Laws for spotting the Chancellor's sleight of hand, and ensuring that Menzies' response was spot on.

This was in sharp contrast to David Cameron. To be fair, he only had a nano-second to think about his response, given that the old Brown fox threw his surprise out in his last phrase. Poor old Boy Cameron was left making a lame joke and saying that the Chancellor had done what they always said he should do. Gordon Brown covered his face with his hand, shaking his head, at this pathetic response. You had to laugh. On that very dark day yesterday, it was the one moment of light relief.