Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ted Heath's dying wish is 'rejected by Salisbury's Tory-dominated council' but supported by LibDem councillor

The Western Daily Press reports that Ted Heath's dying wish, to have his former home turned into a museum, has been "rejected" by "Salisbury's Tory-dominated local authority".

Local LibDem councillor Paul Sample comes out of this well. Speaking to the WDP, he spoke up for Ted's wish saying:

I think opening this magnificent house, with all of its mementoes, would be a fine testament to Sir Edward. I cannot understand why anyone would want to prevent it happening.


  1. Frightening how Orwellian the instincts of the Tories can be, even with one of their own.

  2. paul sample wasn't even at the meeting!!! The veto came from the Labour grouping

  3. Thank you for your comment.

    I didn't say he was at the meeting, nor did the Western Daily Press from whom the Conservative Home story was taken:

    I look forward to the minutes of the 8th March (not published as at 18th March) to see how the voting went. The WDP described it as a decision of a decision of "the Tory dominated authority". I have modified my blog posting to be in line with this, as the "veto" word came from the Conservative Home report.

    Once I see the minutes (or perhaps you could let me know the precise voting) I will, if appropriate, do another posting pointing out if there were any major inaccuracies in the WDP report.

  4. See: