Sunday, December 10, 2006

Princess Diana - belt up!

A few days after Princess Diana was killed, I had a letter published in the national press saying that there was one lesson that people should learn from her accident: Wear a seat belt always in a car!

Now, after speculation that has laid waste to hundreds of forests, that one key lesson remains.

As the Observer puts it today: "...if the Princess of Wales and her lover had been wearing seatbelts, both would quite possibly still be alive."

You only have to remember that bodyguard Trevor Rhys-Jones was riding in the front passenger seat (on the same side of the vehicle as Diana) and is alive today. He obviously took more impact than Diana behind him but, crucially, the wise lad was wearing a seat-belt.

I hope the £2 million spent on the Stevens' enquiry is money well spent and leads to the general populace finally accepting what happened and moving on. As someone who has also lost a son, my advice to Mohamed al-Fayed would also be to "drop it".

The greatest tribute that could be paid to Diana would be that no child ever rides in a car without wearing a seat-belt. Sadly, virtually every week I see children unbelted in cars.

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