Monday, December 4, 2006

Bananarama takeover Fiji

Well a pop trio has to do something in retirement...

It's a cruel cruel summer..'s Bainimarama is it?! All I know is that he's called Frank and he wears a beret - some mothers do 'ave 'em.

You have to laugh or cry, though. Three coups in twenty years. Without the benefit of a head of state to hold things steady (Frank has made himself President - last time the President hopped it pronto when the coup happened).

Sooner or later Fiji is going to have to grow up. You cannot run a country by the army deciding who is in government. That is the job of the people who elect the government. For better or worse. Last time it seems there was unhappiness with an ethnic Indian running the government. So they changed the PM to an indigeonous Fijian. Now they aren't happy with him. Ridiculous.

This is a situation where the EU comes into its own. I hope there is fierce condemnation from the EU. Tourism and trade depends on Fiji having a democratic government. The Fijian army are going to ruin the country regarding trade and tourism if they don't stop interfering with democracy. It's pathetic.

The one saving grace is that the Fijian army have a reputation for eschewing violence for its own sake. Last time I think just one person got shot.

Last time, Fijilive provided an excellent forum for views on the coup. I will be checking that site regularly to see if they are allowed to carry comments. I suspect that there may be someone in their office wearing a uniform and with a gun....I hope not.

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