Saturday, December 2, 2006

Nanny Cameron: Don't shovel down any old food

My father's aunt used to tell him to chew every mouthful of food thirty times. He does so to this day, as well as expansively discussing various topics in between mouthfuls. As a result he is usually still ploughing away at his meal long after everyone else has finished.

Although my father's aunt is long gone, we are most fortunate indeed to have Nanny Cameron to tell us that the Europeans have a "food culture" that is lacking in Britain where "too often, we treat it like fuel, shovelling any old food down, any time, any place, anywhere." (By the look of his double chin I suspect he is no stranger to the practice he complains about.)

This eating advice is to be added to the guidance Cameron has dispensed on managing debt, being happy, avoiding Chocolate Oranges on discount at W H Smith, letting "sunshine win the day" etc etc

It seems David Cameron is trying to find a new role for the politician - One that transcends the need for messy things like policies and embraces a sort of Nanny-cum-CAB role.

It is an utterly pathetic spectacle. Apart from anything else, who is he to lecture people on preparing "real food"? A man with domestic assistance and the ability to install all sorts of gadgets and devices in his house worth many thousands of pounds? Has he got any idea of the pressure ordinary working people are under and how utterly assinine and patronising he sounds?

(Link to BBC news article in title)

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