Thursday, December 21, 2006

BBC: Good excuse to show The Cheeky Song (Touch my bum)

Last night, I watched the BBC Ten O'Clock news enthralled, because they said they had a story "coming up" on Lembit.

I should have known better. The teaser used that well-known journalistic cop-out - the question: "Could the Cheeky Girls have landed this MP in hot water?", actually. The minister, Liam whatshisface, laughed heartily when the subject was mentioned.

It seems that the BBC are guilty of wanting to drag in some sexy video of "The Cheeky Song (Touch my bum)" to sex-up their Ten O'Clock News, together with some graphics explaining Lembit's relationships and footage from that utterly dire appearance by LLoyd and Opik on "The Keith Barrett Show".

(Fortunately, the BBC didn't stoop to reshowing the man playing a xylophone with, which was shown to accompanying Lloyd/Opik laughter on that same "Keith Barret Show".)

The BBC News item was a very sexy little piece which made thousands, including myself, sit through a very tedious news programme to watch.

However, it seems that the only thing Lembit is guilty of Lembit. Oh, and he shouldn't sit with a laptop on his knees like he did in the video shown by the BBC. It will give him neck and back pain.

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