Monday, December 4, 2006

Beautiful Christingle service

The Christingle service at St Nicolas church, Newbury yesterday was a triumph. Normally the service is held at 3pm. However, this year someone had the excellent idea to combine it with one of the main services at 10.45am and have the service run by Pathfinders, our 9-14 year old group.

The result was a church full of families enjoying a joyous service including some wonderful singing from the Pathfinders.

In particular, I was bowled over by a hymn I haven't heard before. It's called "Round Orange, Round Orange you serve as a sign" - a Christingle carol. It is by Elizabeth Cosnett and was sung to the tune "Lourdes". The words are in the lower half of the page here. I have been signing it to myself all day. It really is beautiful.

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