Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Virginia Democrat margin down to 6,000

CNN report that 2,000 votes previously thought to belong to Democrat Webb, have now been taken away from him, reducing his margin over the Republican challenger to 6,000. Those 2,000 votes need to be "recalibrated" which could mean they go back to Webb or to Allen or somewhere else (?!).

There were 400 absentee ballots for the State. Those are about to be counted.

The State authorities have until 27th November to do the "canvassing" process which is to check that all the votes have come in.

The losing candidate then has ten days to request a recount from 27th November if the margin is still below 1%. If a recount is requested within the rules, a judge then has seven days to set out the rules of the recount. So as I wrote this morning, we could be well into December before the result is none.

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