Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hennessy Cognac Gold Cup prospects

I just walked down to the entrance to Newbury Racecourse (a few yards from house).

It is raining heavily, to put it politely. There is thunder and lightning which seems about a mile away.

Having had 14mm of rain yesterday, which changed the going to soft, I hope the rain today doesn't risk the meeting.

"Cornish Rebel" seemed a natch for me to put some money on each way. I also covered myself with a small wager on Mongtermont, which is likely to be the favourite. John Francombe on Channel 4's "The Morning Line" reckoned Ardaghey is worth an each way, so I put a soupcon on him as well. Total bet: £11, so the bank isn't broken if they all fail.

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