Friday, November 24, 2006

Tories turn on Cameron over "Tosser test"

Norfolk Blogger reports several adverse Tory reactions to the "Tosser Test". It also appears that Mr Dale is getting somewhat catty about the matter (I don't know, I gave up looking at Iain's site several months ago as it had become too easy to predict).

UK Daily Pundit reports a beaut of a comment from Mark Hudson on Conservative Home :

"The only tosser of which I am aware is the one currently leading the Conservative Party."

Here are some more - there are a good number of positive comments, but, hey, let's just enjoy the negative ones shall we?:

Hands up all who just saw Dave on Breakfast TV. A clip from the "Tosser" video was shown with the offending word bleeped out.
Talking Head: "Why is your party using a word we can't broadcast before 9pm?"
Cameron: "Er...Er...Er...We didn't do it. It's down to the publicity firm."
That's right. Pass the buck Mister C

Have Cameron and co lost the plot - They come across as upper class twits trying to glean votes by pretending that they are just as common as the hoi polloi.
What next - Jacob Rees-hyphen-Mogg in a turquiose suit and driving a Reliant Robin.
At least Del-boy is funny rather than simply tasteless.

What's the personal debt of the Tory Party?
Own goal alert!

Using a term which means 'excessive masturbator' seems a bit ridiculous to me. I think the Conservative Party have buggered this up.

I think political parties need to concentrate on policy rather than giving advice. That should be left to the CAB.

An asinine, superficial and patronising initiative.

Are student loan debtors all TOSSERS?

I have never seen so much RUBBISH! It is fascile, inane, patronising and timewasting! However much money was spent on it was ill-spent! Why does anyone wish to be treated like some sort of halfwit? It's embarrassing.Outraged!!

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