Thursday, November 9, 2006

Democrats celebrate Senate victory

It was good to see a poised and co-operative Nancy Pelosi in the White House with George Bush earlier today.

I have just been watching George Allen conceding defeat in Alexandria, Virginia. It was an emotional speech, with somewhat overdone use of a convenient football at the beginning and the end.

The Democrat Senate leadership team have now just kicked off their leadership of the Senate, followed by the sound of Sheryl Crow and "Change".

After watching the polling blogs for months, it is extraordinary to see what I wished for actually happening. So many times, I have watched the US polls, hoping for the defeat of Republicans, only to be disappointed by the results. For once, the polls were right.

So, I am reminded of the old Chinese proverb - be careful what you wish for - it might happen.

President Bush still directs US foreign policy. But whatever input the Democrats feed in (direct talks with Syria and Iran has to be top of the list), it can't result in anything worse than the utterly ludicrous course taken by the USA in the last six years of virtually unfettered Republican leadership.

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