Sunday, November 5, 2006

George's quick work: Death of Republican Ohio and the Reagan coalition

Ohio decided the 2004 Presidential election by voting for Bush.

It is remarkable to read the set of poll's on Tuesday's state-wide Ohio votes. The Columbus Dispatch boldy reports:

The numbers have looked good for the Democrats through much of the campaign. Now, days from the election, they look staggering. A strong turnout on Tuesday might be the GOP's only hope.

In the Gubernatorial race, they have the Democrat Strickland ahead by a breathtaking 36 percentage points!

In the Senate race, they have the Democrat ahead by 24.

It is a extraordinary turnaround from the 2004 situation when Ohians backed Bush despite (some say because of!) the pleas of Lady Longford, John Le Carre and other Guardian letter-writers.

This chimes in with another report that the Reagan coalition of voters, a 30 year movement, has been destroyed by Bush in two years.

Nice one Dubya!


  1. 36 points is beyond incredible. That would be *mental calculator time* 68% of the vote to 32% for his opponent (assuming no third party votes, etc).

    Also, given your recent post on Katherine Harris (which I wholeheartedly agree with) I thought you might be interested to read the following story: It seems her campaign continues to sink and sink and sink and she finds new ways to suggest that she's a thoroughly unpleasant woman.

  2. Thanks for that link Aidan. Fascinating.