Friday, November 3, 2006

Katherine Harris to get hammered at the polls? Sob. Sob

It would be indecent for me to show any glee in reporting that it looks as though Katherine Harris will get well and truly stuffed in her bid for the US Senate.

Or, as the BBC puts it more reservedly: "Recount Unlikely".

Forever engraved on my brain, will be the image of Harris announcing in 2000, with all due pomp and ceremony that, surprise, surprise (as she was both Co-Chair of Bush's Florida election campaign and the person responsible for purging the Florida electoral rolls of anyone remotely likely to vote for Gore) Bush was to receive Florida's electoral college votes and therefore become President.

I take no pleasure now (he lies) that she is going to get hammered at the polls, having spent a fortune of her own money and been more or less disowned by Jeb Bush and many Republicans.

I repeat, I take no pleasure whatsoever now in reporting that she is going to get absolutely hammered at the polls.

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