Monday, November 13, 2006

Murdoch turns on Cameron - Private Eye

In a piece entitled "Murdoch makes up his mind on Dopey Dave", Private Eye reflects on the changing attitude of our Rupe to David Cameron.

In July, Murdoch declared himself "undecided" on the Chameleon. In the middle of October, the Sun was running Arselekanean headlines such as "Cameron for No 10".

Then Rupe himself "dropped in for a friendly chat with Sun editor Rebekkah Wade".

All of a sudden, the Sun's attitude to Cameron changed dramatically to headlines such as "Tory Traitors", "Dave the Dope" and "Cam a Cropper", while a leader article described him as "green behind the ears".

As Private Eye puts it, in its usual witty way:

Could Rupert possibly have made up his mind?

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