Thursday, November 23, 2006

Ian Paisley: Will the "no" man say "yes" for once today?

It's a big day in Northern Ireland today. Either the "Big Man", Ian Paisley, says "yes" to reigniting the Assembly, or it's Plan B - direct rule continues indefinitely. Paisley's party has to nominate him as First Minister today, in order to keep the devolution plan on track.

I have visited Belfast three times in the last year. After years of hatred, it really is remarkable that the people there are putting the past behind them and getting on with peaceful life. Belfast is blooming into a wonderful city once more. The people there really do richly deserve a continuation of the peace process, and that surely must mean devolution on the St Andrews' timetable.

It will be utterly staggering to see the DUP and Sinn Fein in government together. But after all the years of violence and hatred, it will, for once, give hope for mankind. If DUP and Sinn Fein can sit down together after all that has gone on, then there is hope for peace and reconciliation in all spheres of conflict.

Let's hope and pray that the "Big Man", who has made a long and richly rewarding career out of saying "no", says "yes" for once today!


  1. "who has made a long and rewarding career out of saying no"

    whereas Gerry Adams has made a long and rewarding career out of ...

    Nothing like a sense of proportion, is there ?