Saturday, August 26, 2006

Proof that Norman Lamb MP's Village surgeries are on course!

You may be wondering why I have been silent from the blogosphere for the last two weeks. Then again, you might not be wondering. Either way, I can tell you that two weeks ago I quietly slipped my mooring in Blogoland and went under-cover and, indeed, incognito to North Norfolk to conduct vital, exhaustive and clandestine tests of the preparations for Norman Lamb MP's tour of the villages in the constituency.

Posing as a normal tourist, complete with laughably insufficient camping equipment for the English weather, I toured the villages of North Norfolk to check that the notices announcing Norman Lamb's arrival in the location were on the local noticeboards.

Of course, I had to be careful not to be spotted by Iain Dale's network of contacts. So silly cropped trousers and wet trench-foot-inducing campers' sandals were the order of the day.

But there I was, gamely fighting in the interests of Liberal Democracy by surreptitiously sidling up to the many parish noticeboards of North Norfolk:....Hoveton.....Little Walsingham....(er that it's) name any North Norfolk village and I may well have got there (and indeed, more likely, didn't) to carry out the vital task of checking that the local parish clerk had put up Norman's notice.

I can happily report that preparations for Stormin' Norman's tour of the villages are at an advanced stage and we can expect an excellent tour to take place, starting on September 4th at Hoveton.

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