Sunday, August 27, 2006

Cameron on South Africa: His party doesn't seem to agree with him

David Cameron's apology for the South African policy of Mrs Thatcher has stirred up a bit of a firestorm within the Tory party rank and file.

Norman Tebbit has disagreed with Cameron and declared: "The policy of the Thatcher government was a success."

Sir Bernard Ingham reacted by saying: 'I wonder whether David Cameron is a Conservative.'

Over on Conservative Home, despite a couple of supportive voices for him, Cameron is receiving a right old pulverising from Conservative supporters, raising the question: If his party doesn't agree with his apology - on whose behalf is he apologising?

Here are some of the choice comments on Conservative Home:

On what basis does David Cameron purport to apologise on my behalf for views I may or may not have held 20 years ago? Ridiculous.

...he is condoning urban terrorism!

Maggie's policy of constructive engagement with South Africa was very much the right one at the time and it received enthusiastic support among the Tory rank-and-file.
I am sure there are others here who recall patiently queueing at Blackpool to enjoy the hospitality of the apartheid-era SA ambassador, then one of the highlights of the Tory conference.
This, of course, was at a time when the far-right Federation of Conservative Students was urging "Hang Nelson Mandela" so let's not try to rewrite history. One of the leading FCS figures is now writing DC's speeches!
…What next? Are we going to spend time condemning the pre-war Tory policy of appeasing the Nazis?

I can't believe we are questioning the wisdom of Mrs T's policy on SA. It was the right thing to do.

Cameron does the easy things - a press release about history.He's incapable of doing anything difficult...

We are running the risk of being accused of blatant hypocrisy. Margaret Thatcher was only reflecting the views of the Tories of her day, many of whom thought Apartheid was rather a "good thing". Very few Tories opposed it...

Tory Hq's new address.
Conservative and Unionist Party

C/O The Minstry of Truth
Winston Smith Building
1984 Orwell Square
Airstrip One.
If anyone would like to apply for the position of. Re-writer of History of the above party, who is also an expert in airbrushing techniques, please apply to the above address. Cameron sycophants especially welcome.

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