Friday, August 4, 2006

Boris Johnson loses it on road safety

..and the Criminal Justice Unit are reviewing his case.

Boris Johnson regularly road-tests flashy cars. When he went for selection as the Conservative PPC at Henley, he just happened to be road-testing a brand new Roller at the time. And, of course, he was forced to park it ostentatiously next to the front of the building where all the Conservative party faithful were entering.

Now he seems to have gone a little too far and shown his ignorance of basic road safety.

He was photographed with both his two sons in the front seat beside him, going down the M6 in a sports car.

Johnson's reply to the accusation of recklessness speaks volumes: "Mr Johnson told the London Evening Standard the boys had a seatbelt on. "

It would be interesting to confirm if he actually did mean "seatbelt". He probably did. There is usually only one seat belt in the passenger seat of a car. So it seems that is what he meant - seatbelt - singular.

Oh dear. If two people wear the same seat belt, any accident would end up with the hugely exaggerated weight of each child pressing up against each other and the seatbelt, resulting in a sorry mess.

No wonder the website, Kidshealth, says: "Never share seat belts. It may seem like fun, but two kids should never buckle up as a pair. "

Then, we should consider the mayhem which would be unleashed when the airbag goes off with two children in the front seat....

The Times reports that the Criminal Justice Unit are reviewing the case.

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