Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Blair and his right wing chums flock together on Israel/Lebanon

I was rather struck by a statement by Tony Blair on the BBC this morning. He was asked why it seems that the UK and the US are standing alone in not calling for an immediate ceasefire by Israel.

No, he said, the UK and the US are not alone. The same position, he insisted, is being taken by Germany, Australia and Canada.


Then I had a little think....

Germany - led by Angela Merkel of the right-wing Christian Democratic Union.

Australia - led by the right-wing John Howard and his nominally "Liberal" party.

Canada - run by a Conservative government.

So once again, the British Labour party led by Tony Blair, lines up with the pick of the bunch of the world's right-wing governments.

No surprise there then.

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  1. Yeah, but. I won't beat about the bush here (sorry) but I can see Blair's point on this one. It might satisfy Annan, Short, Uncle Tom Cobley etc. if Blair gave in to the clamour and called for an immediate cease fire but he probably knows that the Iraelis would treat this as water off the back of a duck that's got a particularly impervious back. And then where would we be?