Wednesday, August 2, 2006

'Disgraceful' attack on photographers in Lebanon - Greenslade

Former Daily Mirror editor and media commentator, Roy Greenslade, comments on accusations about photographs of the aftermath of bombings in the Lebanon.


  1. Paul,

    For what it's worth, having looked at that website , I think that some of those photos - to a greater or lesser degree - were posed/arranged by Hezbollah. And I'm almost tempted to say - so what? That sort of manipulation is a part of war. The children are dead. The real question is whether they had to die....

    The discussion on the blogosphere is getting increasingly partizan and a little bitter. (And perhaps it should - there is a war going on).

    But can we try to look forward a bit? There's eventually going to be a ceasefire. Blair is starting to change his language, perhaps move towards Ming's position a little.

    I don't think we can improve relations with the Muslim nations without some kind of settlement for Israel and Palestine, and without some of kind of agreement with Iran over her not acquiring nuclear weapons. Any thoughts on what Britain should say and do?

  2. Chris

    Thanks for that thought-provoking comment.

    Any thoughts yourself on the way forward?

    I think Britain has a key role to play because of her historic links. But we can only do it if we stop sucking up to Bush and re-establish our reasonably even-handed role. I would like to see us closer to the Arab nations (taking a leaf out of France's book) while at the same time staying friendly with Israel.

    I think our experience in Northern Ireland is absolutely key. Somehow we should help the parties use this experience....i.e. you have to talk to each other, if necessary through back-channels.

    It all comes back to the assasination of Rabin, I am afraid. It was all going swimmingly, with the Oslo Accord etc, until then. If we could somehow help the parties restitch back to that some of talking then that is the answer.

    As for Iran: I'd like to see some good old fashioned British diplomacy in action. We are very good at it and have been for decades. It is only our recent utterly stupid flirtation with Bush that has temporarily put paid to our normal role in the world.

    Thank goodness that, at last, as you mention, Blair is starting to row back from his ridiculous kow-towing to Bush's bone-headed warmongering.

  3. Thanks for the invitation Paul, but I've been up since 4 a.m. and haven't the energy to write anything coherent tonight!

    But in passing I think you are right in mentioning that dreadful assassination...