Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Fascinating human drama but does it matter? - Boulton on Kennedy book

I take it all back. Adam Boulton is not mad. He has come back from his honeymoon beautifully refreshed. He has a very sane take on the "A Tragic Flaw" book:
It's fascinating human drama but does any of this really matter? Certainly the voters have so far taken the Kennedy Affair pretty calmly. In spite of it, and the attacks on the allegedly "lacklustre" performance of Sir Menzies, the Lib Dems have continued to perform relatively well. They won the byelection in Dundee and nearly won in Bromley. In national opinion polls their current share is around 20% (not much below their 22% at last year's Election). They are doing even better in Scotland, Kennedy and Campbell's home nation, ahead of next year's devolved elections.

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  1. Crikey - did we win in Dundee too? I must have missed that one. Things really are looking up ;o)