Thursday, August 31, 2006

Praise for Ming in 'The Times'

Peter Riddell in 'The Times' today writes a very fair assessment of the Kennedy resignation episode and Ming's leadership:

Sir Menzies...did not instigate, or organise, the anti-Kennedy moves last December. It was much broader than that.

Consequently, there is no reason to question Sir Menzies’s legitimacy now. He may be an interim leader...Sir Menzies has restored stability to the Lib Dems, brought on a new generation of MPs and has encouraged fresh thinking.

Elsewhere in 'The Times', it is nice to see Paddy Ashdown, being very complimentary about Charles, while acknowledging his weakness of "application". I was amused by this quote from Paddy:

I get up at 5-5.30 in the morning, do a hundred press-ups, not literally but metaphorically, and start ringing people at 6.30, having contained myself up until then not to disturb them too early, whereas Charles is completely different on that.

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