Saturday, August 26, 2006

Is Adam Boulton mad?

The man has just got married to Anji Hunter. He has been on a wonderful honeymoon in Micronesia. And yet he has been blogging from his holiday! Is he mad?

It is worth looking at some photos (all very proper) of Anji Hunter. I can honestly guarantee that if I ever get the chance to go on a holiday with my good lady wife (let alone a honeymoon with Anji Hunter) in Micronesia, I will not go near a computer.

Here's one comment left below a Boulton vacational blog posting:

"Adam, Relax enjoy your holiday - forget about this blog remember you might get lumbered with those awful party conferences when you return. "

And Adam replied:

"...there's been some comment about my continuing to blog while on holiday (and honeymoon). Thanks very much for your postings on that. As you know this is a very new medium - I think it's important to keep it well-nourished in its early months."

You are mad, man! For goodness sake, get some therapy - fast!

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