Saturday, May 20, 2006

Why do we watch Eurovision?

Any ideas why many of us sit through three hours of the Eurovision Song contest, including the best part of an hour of voting from 37 countries? Beats me. It was obvious early on that Finland would win. "Roy Wood and the boys", as Terry Wogan called them. The French singer was flat and some justice was served by France only getting a few points (rather like the UK's nul points when we sang out of key a few years back). I was amused by the statement from the Ukraine announcer: "We couldn't help but give 12 points to Russia". To which the reply is: "Of course you couldn't - they'd turn your gas off if you didn't."

1 comment:

  1. We watch because it is gratifying being able to predict the voting based on geography and diplomatic relations.

    I think they should seriously consider a voting formula that discounts votes somewhat if a country consistently votes the same way every year.

    Either that, or even better, do it without all the songs.