Friday, May 26, 2006

Cameron is Benny Hill fan

While I suppose we shouldn't be surprised. David Cameron is a Benny Hill fan and knows all the words to "Ernie (The fastest milkman in the west)". Crikey. I can remember a few of the words (Strange things happened on their wedding night...Ghostly goldtops...they won't forget Ernie) but not all of them. But then I know the words to a few other songs (if you can call "Ernie" a "song") and David Cameron apparently only knows the words to "Ernie". Poor lad.

Like the hero of Evelyn Waugh's "A Handful of Dust", one can imagine David Cameron ending up, through a conspiracy of events, in the Amazonian jungle forced to recite "Ernie" to a cannibalistic tribe for the rest of his life. It would serve him right.

I remember when the innocuous Gay Byrne, on Irish TV, beguiled the Tory Northern Ireland secretary Peter Brooke into signing "Clementine" on his show. It was flesh-crawlingly embarrassing and, even now, Peter Brooke has probably not lived it down. The clip still gets played now and then on the box.

Well, now there is a marvellous opportunity waiting for David Cameron to be asked to recite all the words from "Ernie" just to prove he really can remember all 600 words. That'll be one for the clip shows.

Public health statement: This posting may have set off serious Benny Hill cravings amongst more sensitive readers. If you are affected, please immediately click here for an emergency infusion of "Ernie".


  1. I used to know all the words- and probably still do.

    But I have memorised some other lyrics too The really classy one I know is Squeeze's "Up the Junction". No chorus, a real story, and the song is unique is that it's title is only mentioned in the very last words.

    Has anyone learned the words to "We Didn't Start The Fire?" Too tough for me

    Of course, I'm practicaly tone deaf and have no sense of rhythm, so I don't actually sing them .

  2. Yes, "Up the junction" is excellent. And (queue for ceremonial anorak donning) it is one of only two records which have made the British charts which only mention the title once and as the last words of the song. The other one is "Virginia Plain" by Roxy Music.

  3. Paul, you are a true nerd. Love the new site though. Pip pip

  4. Grasping my anorak firmly, isn't there an album or extended version of Virginia Plain that continues after the words "What's her name - Virginia Plain"?

  5. No. I've got the single on vinyl, the track from Street Life - Greatest Hits and from the original album "Roxy Music" and they all last 2' 58" and end as soon as Monsieur Ferry utters the words "Virginia Plain".