Friday, May 19, 2006

Al Gore Mark Two

The Guardian runs a blog today suggesting Al Gore might run for President. Gone is the stuffed-shirt who ran in 2000. Now we see a fired-up, porked-out, hip-shooting Al who is promoting his new film on climate change.

The whole point is that, if Gore ran for President, he would revert to stuffed-shirt Al. He would have to because that is the sort of strait-jacket that Presidential-candidates have to don to get elected.

The reason he is now so relaxed and natural is because he isn't running for President.

McCain still seems favourite to succeed Bush II at the moment, even with Hillary likely to run. She'll wow the Democrats but she will have to display a great deal of the old Clinton magic (a la Bill) to win over the centre-right in their droves.

I like to place modest wagers on these elections - but not on the obvious candidates. Mark Warner is one to watch because he is from a southern state and knows how to connect with rural voters.

On the Republican side I have put a crown on Mike Huckebee. He was born in Hope, Arkansas and is currently that state's governor. Hello! Wasn't he a democrat the first time I saw this movie?


  1. I agree with Huckebee as a republican. I think he could get it.

    The only two democrats who have a chance are Vilsack or Gore.

  2. thanks Brian, it's certainly a reasonably open race on both sides.