Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Haditha: sickeningly familiar

Watched a BBC World report on the emerging details of the Haditha massacre. It made me ashamed to be human. Though on a different scale, it is sickeningly reminiscent of Vitenam and Mai Lai, even to the extent that there appears to have been a cover-up, as there was at Mai Lai.

It is shameful that this is coming to light not because of a prompt military inquiry, not because of a US or UK media investigation, but because an Iraqui student journalist happened to be on hand with a camcorder.

George Bush said the other day that Abu Gharib was the USA's biggest mistake in Iraq. Well, it looks like Haditha will make Abu Gharib look like a chimpanzee's tea party.

After this, the question with George Bush's approval rating will be "How low can you go?"

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