Thursday, May 18, 2006

LibDems propose £2000 road tax

I instinctively cringe a little when I see these sorts of headlines. However, on reading the detail I support this. It covers high-end cars only. An example is the Porsche Cayenne. One of my petrolhead mates once told me how much these Cayennes cost. New, it’s anything up to £82,000. If cars are churning out more than 225 gpk in CO2 then I think the owners deserve and can afford this sort of levy. The £215/210 levy from the government makes absolutely no difference, as was amply demonstrated by interviews with drivers of such vehicles after the budget. They just shrugged their shoulders. There has been a lot of hot air about saving the planet recently. Thank goodness the LibDems are proposing some serious action on the matter.

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