Sunday, May 21, 2006

Cameron's wants to put "joy in hearts"

In his continuing search to stay in the headlines without doing anything as drastic as announcing the odd policy or twain, David Cameron is now grasping the "happiness agenda". As well as avoiding announcing hard policies in traditional political areas, he now wants to also avoid policies in non-traditional areas such as making people happier. I was fascinated to watch an interview he gave with the BBC on this subject. Realising taht he was on territory where he would not be pressed for anything as obcene as a vague policy detail, he was waxing lyricial. Talking of the electorate, he reached a state of high excitement as he said: "We should be thinking not just what is good for putting money in people's pockets but what is good for putting joy in people's hearts". One can only conclude that this is an early bid to take on the dog collar of the Rev. A.R.P. Blair B.A. (Oxon) at St. Albions. I wouldn't be surprised if the next Tory party conference is held at Holy Trinity Brompton climaxing with the hymn: "Shine voters shine, fill those seats up with Tory members".


  1. Didn't see the interview, but wasn't there an interviewer who could (should) simply have asked "How, exactly?"

  2. They ended the clip as soon as he said it. The quote is carried here: