Monday, May 29, 2006

Taking road-naming for granted

We tend to take road-naming for granted. Trying to find our hotel here in Paris, we were confronted with Rue de Clihy, Boulevard de Clichy, Avenue de Clichy and Place de Clichy (pictured) all next to each other. It was all a bit clich├ęd. I feel for the posties.

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  1. Clichy is no problem, Paul. Try finding your way around the Bedfords in London - Bedford Square, Bedford Way, Bedford Place and Bedford Avenue do more or less neighbour each other in WC1, but Bedford Row WC1 is almost a mile away down Theobalds Road and Bedford Court is a horror - in WC2 down by the Strand AND divided into two parts. I live in Bedford Court Mansions - and for years a finance company was sending my documentation to an address (with a WC2 postcode inserted) in Bedford Court. And after you have sorted out the central London Bedfords you have at least another 36 Bedfords (variously Bedford Close, Hill, Park, Road, Terrace etc) scattered all over Greater London. All hail the Dukes of Bedford (whose family is also responsible for a plethora of Russells, Torringtons, Tavistocks etc), but our plight in London makes Paris's Clichy look well organised and sensible. It is not the postmen who get lost by the way. It is more likely visitors from places like Newbury coming up to visit their friends in the Great Wen!