Thursday, May 18, 2006

Unexpected BBC laughs

Two things in the last two weeks have made me laugh more than I have done for years. Both times this was caused by programmes not known as comedies on the BBC.

First was Top Gear and their hilarious creation of a convertible 4x4 (put together with only slightly more √©lan than a Blue Peter sticky-backed plastic and binder twine jobbie). They proceeded to put this abortion through a series of tests. At 50mph the thing started to disintegrate. At 90 mph the team nominally inside the thing resembled hurricane-survivors. Then came the climax. They put the creation through a £1million high-tech car wash. The car completely disintegrated and Jezza and the team evacuated in mid-wash only to look round to see smoke coming out of the washing equipment and, eventually, plumes of flames. At this, Jezza commanded "RUN!" and they all scarpered like naughty school kids. My stomach hurt with the laughter. I presume that Top Gear has a very insurance department.

Then came the classic comedy moment of the year on the BBC. BBC News 24 and the appearance of Guy Goma, a data cleansing expert, interviewed by mistake instead of Guy Kewney, iPOD and IT journalist. I must admit that my vast laughter at the video of this incident was mostly enjoyed while I was still under the impression that Guy Goma was a cabbie (as my faithful Guardian had told me). This man, Guy Goma, should be a national hero. Gamely attempting to answer questions about a High Court case. And his face when he realised the mistake (see link in title above). Priceless. The man is a star.

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  1. Top Gear is without doubt the greatest comedy programme on the box at the moment.