Friday, September 15, 2006

Tory logo - the merriment continues with the Welsh and Scottish versions

You've got to laugh. The Conservatives have now released the Scottish and Welsh versions of their new logo.

The Scottish have blue land, like the English. They have a blue trunk. Like the English. But the leaves of their tree are dark torquoise, not green like the English. And the body of their tree appears to be taller and narrower.

The Welsh have black land. They also have a black trunk. They also have black leaves (presumably someone in London thinks that Welsh trees are still covered in coal dust from the mines). And their tree is much taller than the Scottish and the English ones and the kid who scribbled it seems to have attacked the Welsh tree with far more verve and abandon than they did when they scribbled the English one. (The singular blackness of the Welsh one may be due to the fact that perhaps this Welsh one hasn't yet been officially released and some blogger has copied it from a compliments slip or something).

Norman Tebbit reckons that the English tree looks like a stick of broccoli. Really? I didn't think broccoli look like that. I suppose it might look like a sprig of broccoli after you have pulled it about a bit. I would be interested to hear Tebbo's opinions on the Scottish and Welsh versions.


  1. Perhaps they are planning to burn Wales to the ground?

  2. Presumably the Scottish one is a fir tree? I'm surprised they didn't make the Welsh one a picture of a Pot Noodle and be one with it.

  3. Bless, I was going to say they're trying too hard to change but the logos disprove that.