Friday, September 15, 2006

Rennard: We are the party of Ming Campbell and Charles Kennedy

Chris Rennard has written a back page article for this week's Liberal Democrat News which is mind-blowingly brilliant.

Due to being intravenously connected to the party via blogging, I have found less and less to interest me in the Liberal Democrat News recently. However, Chris' article is a notable exception. It really is terrific.

Chris writes in powerful and emotional terms of his respect for Charles. He then writes:

Charles Kennedy was, is and will be a great asset to this party and we all wish him well when he speaks on Tuesday. Some of the media will set out to make mischief this week and seek to divide us. But we must not allow the media to force us to choose to be the party of Ming Campbell or Charles Kennedy. We are the party of Ming Campbell and Charles Kennedy.

Reading Chris' article made me feel a lot better. I recommend reading it. But you'll have to get a copy - it's not available online.

1 comment:

  1. It is a good article.

    Also, we're the party of many other people. With varying views. Like all parties we are a broad church, but one with more fundamental underpinnings than most parties (without being single issue).