Monday, September 18, 2006

BBC surpass themselves with the Scissor Sisters

Our family had a treat this evening. We were just tuning in (as they used to say) to BBC1, as we sat down for supper. Then Jo Wylie came on to tell us to press our red buttons to see the Scissor Sisters live at Maida Vale studios.

We did as commanded by Ms Wylie and within about half a nano-second (or at least very quick for the red button - which can have a very delayed effect sometimes) we were enjoying an excellent vid of the Scissor Sisters at said studio and the two girlies in our family were, as usual, cooing "We love you Vernie!" when Vernon Kay came on. (They also coo "We love you Robbie" whenever Robbie Williams comes on, by the way).

It really was a superb vid and it is amazing that the whole of our family enjoyed it - bearing in mind our dates of birth straddle the best part of half a century. The Sisters (or should I say "the Scissors" to be trendy? - I don't know - but at least I can name some current characters in Corrie - Jack D, Vera D, Mike Baldwin's son...that's about it - but it's three more than Ming - but to his credit he doesn't need to know the names of the characters - his wife can remind him because she's done a dissertation on Corrie) really are brilliant. I now have "I don't feel like dancing" (Complete with that Tina Charles twirly sound) on a more or less permanent loop on my car system.

Well done BBC!

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