Monday, September 18, 2006

Archbishop's wise words on childhood and inter-faith relations

The Archbishop of Canterbury's interview on Today this morning beautifully answered the question: "What is the Archbishop of Canterbury for?"

It's not that I was wondering what he was up to. It is just that most of his media appearances to date have been to try and square an impossible circle on a matter which is utterly marginal to real life - (i.e the disproportionate furore over attitudes to gays in the church).

So it was a relief to hear the Archbishop talking about something else - two subjects in fact - which actually really matter to day-to-day life: childhood and inter-faith relations.

As usual Dr Williams' remarks were softly spoken, considered and wise.

In particular, his comments on the debate about the Pope's remarks were very wise. In essence, he said we should listen more to other faiths when they tell the story of their faith. He also emphasised that there is much to be ashamed of in the history of all religions.

I only heard the interview because of West Berkshire's traffic system having one of its Monday morning cardiac arrests, but it left me with a warm glow of appreciation for the Archbishop. He is a very wise and spiritual man.

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