Friday, September 1, 2006

Blair's mug says it all

Recently my daughter bought me a key ring which had my Christian name on it. Also on it was a list of remarkable talents which people called "Paul" are meant to possess:

Patience, good humour, leadership qualities, tenacity

It was a lovely gesture by my daughter. I treasure that keyring.

Any idea that those talents are an accurate reflection of me, just because I have the name "Paul", seems ridiculous. I know that I can be very impatient, bad tempered, clueless and weak.

You could have blown me down with a feather, then, when I read 'The Times' this morning.

During his interview with said organ, Blair sported a mug with "Anthony" written on it, along with the usual flattering qualities which "Anthonys" are meant to possess.

We've had all this damn silly mug business before. He came out of 10 Downing Street with a mug and jeans on when his son was born (I think). There were a number of mickey-takes done of that incident including one where 'Alastair Campbell', behind the door of Number Ten, begged the Prime Minister to hold a mug during his speech to give him extra street cred.

But this "Anthony" mug takes the biscuit. To actually carry a mug like that to an interview is just....well I am left having to borrow some words from the 'Young Ones'...what an "utter utter utter utter"....then the next word is rather impolite.

The mug said on it:

"Anthony, your refined inner voice drives your thoughts and deeds," it read on one side."You're a man who's in charge others follow your lead. You possess great depth and have a passionate mind. Others think you're influential ethical and kind."

Pass the sickbag, Alice

Interestingly, there were some less flattering personal qualities described on the reverse side:

"humble and private, you view the world through a dreamy and reflective lens."

"dreamy and reflective"...I see...dreams like, for example, "my party loves me and everyone loves me and I need to keep on going on and on and...oh.....let's borrow an idea from Hitler and grab trouble makers before they are born."


  1. Dear Paul -

    PM Blair is a fine man...why are you slandering him?
    Have you never heard that slander is a sin?
    Tell me what Leader have you ever had in Britain or the U.S. that you haven't maligned, denigrated, mocked, slandered, ridiculed and criticized?
    Not one.
    Get my point.
    You people are never satisfied.
    You never look inward at yourselves at your own faults and missteps.
    Always, you point the finger at others who are doing, instead of talking.
    Liberals are the worst for that and for a party with no understanding of what moral virtue is, I think it is very arrogant to mouth off about others.

    Vancouver, Canada.

  2. Slander is also illegal and I have not slandered him. Slander is spoken. Libel is written. I have not libelled Tony Blair either. He is not a fine man. He was told by millions in this country not to go to war in Iraq but he stupidly did so without any evidence of WMDs.

    I have not criticised the following leaders Britain and the US:

    Ming Campbell
    Paddy Ashdown
    Jo Grimmond
    David Penhaligon
    Winston Churchill
    Lloyd George
    Clement Atlee
    Harry Truman
    Bill Clinton
    Jimmy Carter
    Edward Heath
    George Washington
    etc etc

    Believe me, I do criticise myself everyday. But I don't run a country and send troops to their death and cause the death of civilians pointlessly.

    The moral record of the Liberal Democrats is a proud one. We were the only UK party to oppose the war in Iraq.