Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Glee club "Charlie is pissed again" song in Guardian

John Hemming follows a few days after Femme de Resistance in highlighting the classic song "Over the sea to Skye" from the Liberator Songbook which ends "Charlie is pissed again". The words were written by Stuart Callison.

As John comments, this song is a very effective rebuttal against the accusation that the party covered up Charlie's drinking. It first featured in the songbook, after all, soon after the 1987 merger. It was sung with great relish at umpteen conference glee clubs in the presence of the press since then. The songbook has been sold on the internet and in "Politicos" at the conference.

And it is an excellent song, I have to say.

Seeking a larger audience for this nugget, beyond the blogosphere, I sent it to Simon Hoggart at the Guardian. I send him lots of bits and pieces (normally nothing to do with the LibDems) and these are often ignored. I did get a mention from him once for pointing out the phrase "It's all gone Pete Tong" (for reasons losts in the mists of time). You could knock me down with a feather, then, when he printed the latter half of the "Charlie pissed" song last Saturday in his Guardian diary. So existence of the song is now well and truly in the public domain, I think we can say.

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