Friday, September 29, 2006

Penny finally drops on 'Deal or no deal'

I was half-listening to 'Deal or no deal' this afternoon as my wife watched it in the kitchen.

It has barely comprehensible rules, an apparently aimless sequence of moves and inane cheering at some apparently random point.

I've got it. The penny has finally dropped.

'Deal or no deal' is the televisual version of 'Mornington Crescent'!


  1. This is rather unfair on Mornington Crescent.

    Deal or no deal take no skill to play. The moves are genuinely aimless. The banker never offers a good price and can be ignored. Arguably you should presume there is a chance the draw is fixed and always swap at the end. If the game is fair, then even that decision is not important.

    I find it quite infuriating that people seem to understand probability so badly as to be entertained by it.

  2. Good point Joe. What really annoyed me yesterday is that a young man decided not to gamble and to take £25,000.

    Noelly then showed him what he would have won if he had gambled - at least £70,000 and taunted the young man by saying he had "squandered" the "chance of the fortune of a lifetime".

    This really wound me up. As I said to my wife - it could just as easily have gone the other way and he could have been left with nothing - it's just like tossing a coin.

    As you say - infuriating!