Thursday, June 29, 2006

US Supreme Court says Guantanemo tribunals are illegal

At long last the US Supreme Court has ruled, as reported by the BBC, that the trial of Guantanemo detainees by military tribunal is illegal. George Bush had said that, in his "judgement", tribunals should be used and some had started.

This ruling is cause for great celebration in my view. However, I am not greatly surprised. The whole Gauntanemo/tribunal idea was a stupid idea from a stupid President. That's being charitable. Most people would describe the idea as "fascist".

But we have spent three years getting to this point while the detainees have been disgustingly mistreated and, in a few cases, died. The episode leaves a dark stain on the reputation of the United States.

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  1. What is the horrible treatment you reference? The prisoners at Gitmo are being treated better than the Soldiers Rumsfield arrested, who were originally in shackels until protesters demanded better treatment for them. Your friends, people we (I'm talking about people who are genuinely American) picked up during combat, who would love to lop off your dome, are provided with Korans, which the American guards can only touch with gloves, painted arrows in their cells directing them towards Mecca, etc.

    Ya, Bush is a fucking Nazi. The libs will be the first to get the Scimitar when you cause us to give in to their demands. Good riddence I suppose.

  2. Thanks for your comments. I think telling the detainees what they are charged with and on what evidence those charges are based, would be a good start in treating them in a civilised way.

    Not doing so, is giving in to the terrorists and doing what they want us to do - suspend civilised normality.

    How are things in Minnesota? How is Walter Mondale these days?

    I didn't say Bush is a "Nazi", as you suggest. I wrote: "Most people would describe the idea as "fascist"."

    Being a fascist is not the same as being a "Nazi" - as any dictionary will confirm. And Bush is not an "idea", he is a person.