Saturday, June 10, 2006

Bromley: A great start!

...Photographic evidence that I was in Bromley today and delivered the first of this weekend's tabloid, "IT'S 'THREE JOBS' BOB", at 8 o'clock this morning in Mottingham.

As pointed out by Duncan Brack in this week's Liberal Democrat News, the constituency is far from the Tory detached house heaven which the media would have us believe. I live in West Berkshire - and I remember Christchurch, where the pavements seem to be polished. Bromley is nowhere near either of them in terms of 'poshness'. There is a lot of our natural territory in places like Mottingham.

I am pleased to say that an excellent HQ has been established. As my photos show, it is slap bang next to Bromley South train station and we have a poster up outside the HQ in Bromley High Street. When I returned from my four gut-busting rounds, the HQ was full of busy volunteers, only a few of which were watching England win on the telly.

I was extremely impressed with this weekend's tabloid. The front-page headline is "IT'S 'THREE JOBS' BOB - and now he wants number 4!", complete with a photo of an insane rictus grin from Bob himself. Classic Rennard. If not from the easel of The Master himself, then certainly by "School of Rennard", that's for sure.


  1. A negative campaign from the 'whiter than white' Liberal Democrats?

    Should we have expected anything less?

  2. A factual campaign which resonates with the electorate.