Thursday, June 1, 2006

End of the line

I'm a bit of a slow coach and I've been in catch-up mode this evening. Via the BBC's wonderful broadband service I just watched the last episode of "Line of Beauty". It was worth persevering to the end. The last episode was very satisfying. The series has been elegant and entertaining. Not for the sex or the politics though. The relationship between Nick and Kat. The immense sadness of those touched by Aids, which was underscored throughout. The appalling treatment at the end of Nick by the Fedden family. These were the meaty parts of the series. The political dénouement of the MP was most Oaten-like. The acting was superb. The music was, for once, tastefully understated. Nick Guest played by Dan Stevens pulled the whole thing together and reminded me, in a funny sort of way, of David Stockwell in ITV's Heartbeat. The bewildered look. The looking away and then back again. The partial and hesitant mouthing of unspoken responses. It was all there except for the clutching of the old cap. That is meant as a compliment, strangely enough.

All in all, well done BBC.

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