Thursday, June 8, 2006

Ditch the glasses and the reading, Ming!

While I stand by my earlier praise of Ming's speech today, I have some harsh words for his mode of delivery. I have just seen him on BBC TV news. He should ditch the glasses for speeches. They are an impediment to communication. There are a wonderful range of contact lenses available, including "omnivision" systems for those of us past 45 years of age. There is no excuse for not using them for major speeches. Also, I noticed that, at the last conference, Ming read his speech from a typed script in front of him. While I let him off that as he was still starting as leader, it is quite ridiculous that he is still doing it. There are many auto-cues available. Paddy was a past-master at using these devices. It just looks stupid, these days, for him to be reading speeches from a paper script. Come on, Ming. People criticise you for being too old, but you are doing yourself no favours. Ditch the glasses and the reading, for pity's sake.

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