Monday, June 26, 2006

"Complete nonsense" - Mike Mansfield QC on Cameron's "Bill of Rights" idea

I think I will start a little file collecting together lawyers' comments about Cameron's "Bill of Rights" idea (calling it a 'plan' or a 'proposal' is somewhat over-egging it).

If we put aside the thunderous criticism from Lords Falconer, Goldsmith and Carlile plus Sir Menzies Campbell, due to their current or past party affiliations, we are still left with some pretty strong condemnation from veteran Human Rights lawyer, Mike Mansfield QC, who described the idea as "complete nonsense" and said:

"How is it (the HRA) hindering the investigation and prosecution of crime? No examples whatsoever. It certainly isn't doing that in relation to terrorism or terrorist cases...I'm afraid it's totally misconceived and it's tabloid driven."

You can see the relevant BBC News article here.

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  1. ...and Vernon Bogdanor on C4 news last night - along the lines of if he were still a student of mine I'd suggest he rewrite this particular essay...:)